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Fourth World Living on the Streets

Dave H started this conversation


Living In A Fourth World Each year you see more Homeless People in the streets and you could be next. Let’s say you have lost your job and the employment check will end soon, and you have not found a job yet. You save all your belongings in storage and you have run out of money. Nobody can afford to house and feed you anymore or pay your bills, where will you go?  Everything on your back and in your pockets is all you have. Where do you eat, shower and, sleep? If your car is paid and your insurance is paid, you can sleep in your car. Sleeping in your car is illegal in the streets.    How many times has the donation dollar really help a Homeless Men, Women, and Veterans from receiving the help they need to overcome the reason why they are homeless in the first place? The Homeless deserve a chance to become stable and, become employed. The Homeless should have a place to live in each city with the minimum needs of a human, to camp harassment free. The Homeless should have the right to work, that can or will work. Without transportation provided by the City busses during the hours of swing, graveyard sifts and, weekends the chances are very slim without a car for a person to get any type of job that becomes available. Employers ask if you have a reliable transportation and, that does not mean public busses. Not only is it against the law to be Homeless, it’s against the law to help the Homeless in some states. There is no place for the Homeless to live legally without paying. If the Homeless could pay, they would not be Homeless. Do you see a mental obstacle yet?

Most of the Homeless Men and Woman have mental issues that keep them from getting a job and, they should be evaluated by a State agency or Private sector to determine the Homeless person’s state of mind. These issues should include Mental, Physical, dependency of legal prescription, illegal drugs and, alcohol.
I believe 90 per cent of the Homeless have a disorder of some sort that keeps them from finding work. I believe every person should have a place of their own to call home, free from City and State Ordnance.

Other disorder; going through garbage for income. Not wanting, being told what to do. Committed a crime, Not having a place to live without the Police making you move somewhere else, Family problems, child support, divorce, other Homeless stealing your belongings. Feeling sorry for yourself, Getting beat-up. Loosing your vehicle because no insurance. There are many reasons for a mental disorder as there are people. Do you think living in the streets is normal behavior? When you’re out in the streets there are very few people you can trust.

We are the first to design a way of help which involves an invitation to the Homeless to better themselves through pride, encouragement, and word of mouth.
This is a process that curtails agencies budgets by reducing clients, which are only looking for a free ride. Looking for help to land a job requires training. Training requires self convenience, mentally and physically. Self convenience requires knowledge, clothing, appearance, food, housing, transportation and support groups. All help must be located in one place in order for the client to focus on a better life, verses trying to survive.

There would be no competition to compete with Reach 4 Salem. As a Corporation, an umbrella of businesses will be formed to employ the Homeless with the tools needed and training to run a LLC Business with a paid income. According to a PBS broadcast, the taxpayer pays an average of $200,000 per Homeless person in medical bills in the expansion of eighteen months. The Burdon of Tax Payers, Police, Courts and, County Housing will be cut drastically.
 Helping the Homeless step by step, will Reach 4 Salem, Keizer and the surrounding communities and, other organizations that follow.  “Helping the Homeless step by step” Reach 4 Salem is a registered nonprofit corporation RN: 679270-96  IRS EIN: 01-0964720 The money will go towards a Thrift Store, Vehicles, Restaurant, Assets, all in a Complex capable of housing and funding the Homeless {That Want} to clean-up their self, to become a working class citizen of society. A Thrift Store and Restaurant would generate money; the complex would take the Homeless Male or Female through mental and physical exams by highly trained professionals, have group therapy, help groups, housing, clean clothing, provided transportation, a learning center. Employment will be fit to the individual’s   The Restaurant would feed the Homeless free, and make income from the community. There will be an onsite instructor to train those who want a class a license to drive the Big Riggs.

1. We need God our Lord Christ 2. We need to know that He created us in His own image 3. We need two commandments that cover all---Love thy God with all our might and Love thy neighbor as thy self 4.We need to give in order to receive 5.We need to overcome the world 6. We need to ask Jesus into our life. 7. The only way to the Father is through Jesus Christ; read more how some will have spots on their garment, on the website.

“Helping the Homeless step by step”
Reach 4 Salem is a registered nonprofit corporation
RN: 679270-96 IRS EIN: 01-0964720

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